“Philanthropic Scribe” Grant Awarded

Words For Charity is pleased to announce that it has awarded its “Philanthropic Scribe” grant to Alexander Zondervan.

The “Philanthropic Scribe” grant is chosen from the authors who have published a story at Words for Charity to raise money for one of several great causes that are featured. From this group of authors a computer algorithm picks out the awardee.

Alexander currently attends Bard College in New York, where he is exploring how poetry and thought are related, with a curiosity to see the way metaphors manifest within texts.

In addition to the Philanthropic Scribe grant, Words For Charity will be awarding its’ “Compassionate Chronicle” grant in the next ten days. For more information about Words For Charity, its grants and its mission, please visit our website at http://www.wordsforcharity.org.

A final word of thanks to everyone who published and bought stories during our 2017 grant period, your contributions have helped to support both great causes and creative talent!

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